Managing for @ School of Success

Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch

Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch is the local governement for the capital of the Province Brabant. The city has approximately 43,000 inhabitants  and otters a wide range ot education. The main goals ot the department ot labour market and education policy in 's-Hertogenbosch isto enable the development of individual talents and reduce the number of young people leaving school without qualifications. The municipality takes the lead in connecting schools, (regional) businesses/companies and government. lt stimulates the development of quality in education. 's-Hertogenbosch  pays special attention to at risk youths. A considerable number of projects for preventing  early school drop out,youth unemployment and projects aimed at reintegrating youngsters have been developed.
The city offers a wide range of education: prevocational education (VMBO), upper general education (HAVO/VWO),vocational educational education (MBO) and higher vocational education (Art Academy, AVANS, FONTYS Hogeschool). Avans Hogeschool and
Fontys Hogeschool offer a wide range of education on the levei of University of Applied Science.

The municipality makes joint plans with schools and companies. There is a dose cooperation  between education and labour market (schools, companies and local government)  and an appreciation  of one another's needs has brought about a culture of "lifelong learning", as a result of which industry is profiting from an improved matching  of education to market demand.
From 2001 the municipality makes use of European Programs to reduce early schoolleaving,decrease youth unemployment and to raise the quality of education. Focus on quality, innovation,cooperation, networking, peer learning,development of competences, recognition and appreciation of skills, entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2009 the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch is actively involved in projects concerning entrepreneurial spirit in an ongoing learning pathway. The municipality promotes and helps schools improve the quality of their education in order to be part of a good functioning labour market. These practises are an important part of the entrepreneurial infrastructure. Brabant was European Entrepreneurial Region of 2014. This title was not in vain. Our focus on entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship in the educational system is sustainable and fruitfull.
The municipality initiated the programme 'sH Entrepreneurial Education in 2013.This learning community of schools, entrepreneurs and government facilitates projects and activities in schools: from primary tili higher vocational education. The network is now ready for a next step and that isto create an entrepreneurial infrastructure with ICT tools like an e portfolio and to bring the programme to a bigger scale. The regional programme AgriFood Capital is connected on the subject of e portfolio and new skills for new jobs.

Key Initiatives

In the period 2001-2013 we were involved in more than 20 European projects for preventing  early school drop out, youth unemployment and projects aimed at reintegrating youngsters. Mostly in the role of projectmanagent. Some projects are:
EE&WOW the aim of this project was to establish continuous attention on entrepreneurship education during the whole pathway in education.
HELP the aim of this partnership was to exchange knowlegde and share good practices on the holistic ways of entrepreneurial learning in an ongoing pathway.
This brings us to the actual implementation of an ongoing learning pathway with entrepreneurial spirit and attitude  ais main focus.

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